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Counseling Appointment
Counseling Appointment

Yun-Tuo Award

Lifetime Yun-Tuo Award

eachers at Yuntech who have been elected as Yun-Tuo Award recipients twice are considered Lifetime Yun-Tuo Award winners. They will not participate in future selections, which is the highest honor of the Yun-Tuo Award.

Annual Yun-Tuo Award

To encourage Yuntech teachers not only to impart knowledge but also to cultivate and care for students in aspects of life and morality, and to affirm their efforts and contributions, the " Yun-Tuo Award Incentive Guidelines" were first established in April 2012 as the basis for selecting excellent teachers for guidance.

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111學年度雲鐸獎獲獎名單 pdf
111學年度雲鐸獎獲獎名單 pdf
110學年度雲鐸獎獲獎名單 pdf
109學年度雲鐸獎獲獎名單 pdf
108學年度雲鐸獎獲獎名單 pdf
107學年度雲鐸獎獲獎名單 pdf
106學年度雲鐸獎獲獎名單 pdf
105學年度雲鐸獎獲獎名單 pdf
104學年度雲鐸獎獲獎名單 pdf
103學年度雲鐸獎獲獎名單 pdf
102學年度雲鐸獎獲獎名單 pdf
101學年度雲鐸獎獲獎名單 pdf
100學年度雲鐸獎獲獎名單 pdf

Yun-Tuo Award Forms

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雲鐸獎入圍教師平時輔導事蹟調查表 doc odt pdf
雲鐸獎遴選之教師具體輔導事項(空白表) doc odt pdf

Yun-Tuo Award Guidelines

Yun-Tuo Award Pictures