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Counseling Appointment
Counseling Appointment

Counseling Center

  1. Objects of establishment

    Counseling Center, which the original title was Student Counseling Center, was set up in July 1, 1991.? The objects are to increase students’ self-awareness, solve problems and confusion caused by lives, studies, and career development; furthermore, to help students advance personal potential and search for self-realization. It is renamed Counseling Center on August 1, 2002, which means to expend Center’s services for not only students, but the staff and family.

  2. Affair introduction

    We provides a broad range of services for students and the faculty both as following:

    1. Individual counseling:

      Professional counselors conduct students, staff and faculty to explore themselves, and to help them cope with difficulties.? Besides, those who are not willing to consult a counselor face to face can make good use of “Counsel Online” service to help them clear confusion.

    2. Group counseling:

      There are a variety of counseling groups held every semester to fit in with students, staff, and faculty’ needs, such as EQ management.

    3. Class/club support:

      The classes or clubs in the campus can apply for class/club support. Counselors will lead the discussions of topics with which students can explore and develop their own thoughts. The exercise will not only enable students to better understand themselves but also enjoy deeper interactions with classmates through discussions and sharing.

    4. Cybercounseling:

      We try to provide the user have more methods to solve the problem. So we have email and the cybercounseling through the network.

    5. Testing services:

      Counseling Center provides a variety of psychological tests and assessments including emotions, personalities, preferences, characteristics, creativeness tests and so on every semester to increase students, staff, and faculty self-awareness; furthermore, to help explore and plan their careers.

    6. Special lectures and workshops:

      We will invite scholars or experts to lecture on mental health, or makes up workshops each for a certain issue in every semester.

    7. Assistance for handicapped students:

      “Resource Room” was found to assist for handicapped students, including providing the studying environment, adjustment counseling and loaning of learning assistance equipment, etc.

    8. Committee of Gender Equal Education:

      The organization is to investigate sexual harassment and sexual assault on campus, and cope with these kinds of events.

    9. Recruiting & Training volunteers:

      Every year we will recruit volunteers on the first semester; those who pass the interview and training courses will be the formal volunteers in the Counseling Center and share not only duties but rights with them.

    10. Mental health materials:

      We collect a variety of mental books, magazines, cassettes, DVDs & VCDs, videotapes and so on to loan students and the faculty.

    11. Others:

      If you would like to get any further information about Counseling Center, please check out our website, or contact with us.

  3. Space and equipment

    Counseling Center is divided into two spaces: Counseling Center and Resource Room.

    Counseling Center:
    It is located on the first floor at Student Activity Building. There are five independent counseling rooms, a data room, a reading section, a test and discussion room, etc. We have six full-time counselors now who take care of the five colleges in the campus, to help the students solve the problems in life and help the teachers manage the students’ crisis of calss. In addition, we provide a variety of mental books, magazines, cassettes, DVDs & VCDs,videotapes and so on for students, staff, and faculty to borrow some from here.

    Resource Unit:
    It is located on the basement at Student Activity Building founded for handicapped students. Inside the Room, there are reading and studying sections, five personal computers, two printers and other equipment.

    Outside the Room, there are non-handicap passages and measures toward Resource Room. Besides, there are a variety of books, magazines, etc.

  4. Our expectations in the future

    We have three goals to achieve in the future: that is, to add three divisions in the Center; to establish “Students Career Development and Committee of Counseling”, to assist the junior high schools, high schools and vocational high schools in counseling activities in the neighboring area, and eventually to se up “Community Counseling Center”, expanding our services to the community.

  5. General Services
    • Office Hours:Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm
    • Tel:(05)534-2601#2671~2672
    • e-mail:counsel @yuntech.edu.tw

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